Guidelines & Policies

Upcoming Conference

  • 30 12 2017
    International Conference on Management (IMC-2017) Bangkok

  • 30 12 2017
    International Conference on Management (IMC-2017) Bangkok

Author Guidelines And Policies:

We at CRC believe in highest quality of research being submitted by the authors.We expect that the authors must submit rigorous well justified, planned and appropriately designed papers.The conference paper should be submitted by using the CRC system or as an email attachment.The acknowledgment of submission will be sent to author(s) within 48 hours.Submission of a paper implies that the work is original which has not been submitted or published previously and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.The paper must not contain any defamatory or illegitimate statements or in any way violate the rights of others OR the articles presented in the proceedings do not represent the views of CRC.Responsibilities for the opinions expressed in the articles and reviews rest solely with the individual authors.The submission means the author(s) declare that they have read and agreed the content of the submitted paper.The submitted conference papers are subject to double blind peer review.The papers will be reviewed by the steering committee first and experienced reviewers around the world. The feedback will be communicated to the authors within stipulated time.The acceptance or rejection of papers decision made by the steering committee/reviewers will be final. If the author(s) abandon the review process or review his/her submission from elsewhere in the system before registration/publications of the proceedings, the paper must be formally withdrawn in writing. The digital resource of CRC is an open access system; all contents are freely available without any charge to the users and institutions.As per publication ethics the author should own their research and express/write in their own words.CRC believes in the policy of original research work.As plagiarism is unethical practice.All types of plagiarism like verbatim copying; paraphrasing and self plagiarism should be avoided.The authors should ensure that the ideas of others have been cited or quoted properly.The CRC believes in confidentiality and will not disclose any information about submitted conference papers to anyone other than the corresponding author,reviewers and members of the steering committee.


The authors should format their conference papers according to following guidelines.

  • Articles must be clearly written in concise and unambiguous English and must be logically organized
  • The papers must be sent in MS WORD (doc/dox.) format
  • The first page should contain title of the research author(s) name(s) affiliation and email address
  • The name and email address of the corresponding author should be mentioned clearly
  • The title of the paper should be precise and meaningful
  • The second page of the paper should contain abstract of maximum 250-300 words
  • The abstract must mention purpose and significance of the research, method (if any) and major finding/outcome followed by five (5) keywords
  • The complete paper should contain the sections like introduction, review of literature, method (if any) results and discussion, conclusion, direction for future research and references
  • The paper should be formatted using single space Cambria, font size 10
  • In text citations should be listed in the reference section
  • Tables should be numbered in Arabic format
  • Caption of the table should be given properly
  • The table should be placed within text
  • Figure(s) should be sighted in Arabic format for example Figure 1
  • For mathematical equations specific editor should be preferred. Avoid equation image
  • Avoid non standard abbreviations
  • The author(s) should follow APA referencing style
  • Arrange references alphabetical in the end